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'Jacqueline' rose References
Book  (1985)  Page(s) 128.  
[Francis Meilland] introduced in 1954 a rose which must have stood on the shelves of every flower shop in the world, the long stemmed, bright red, Baccará.
Book  (Apr 1984)  Page(s) 146.  
Baccara Meilland 1958. Geranium red, streaked with red, famous for its long lasting quality either on the bush or as a cut flower...
Website/Catalog  (1982)  Page(s) 2.  
Baccara ® Meger Meilland 1956. Qui ne connaît pas cette variété? Elle peut très bien fleurir dans votre jardin en situation abritée.
Book  (1978)  Page(s) 100.  
`Baccara'   Medium  +   Vermilion    Remontant  P1   H1    * 
The famous  rose of the flower shops, with scarlet vermilion flowers. Sometimes they seem to be on stems as long as walking sticks. It is a little past its zenith, because it is not considered by the greenhouse men to be sufficiently generous in supplying blooms when  they compare it with roses which have been introduced since. This will stop neither the florists nor the public from asking for `Baccara' for years to come. In fact the breeder has pointed out that all his investment in making the name  so famous, and the pleasure the public have in it, ought to be preserved by using Baccara Mark  2, or Baccara 1980 or some such device upon the improved one when he finds it. 
`Baccara'  needs greenhouse conditions to be worth growing in a cold climate. It is a waste of time to grow it out of doors in Britain, except in some exceptionally well favoured spot. The only  good `Baccara' I ever saw in the open in England were growing between two greenhouses.  I have often said that if we had raised it at Hitchin, it would have ended its first year's field trial leading the race to the bonfire by several lengths. Yet this rose may have earned for Meilland even more money than 'Peace' did. 
It was raised by Francis Meilland from 'Happiness' x 'Independence', according to the record given, and introduced in 1954. The world of cut roses is quite separate from that of garden roses: the investment is high, the income is at the risk of market prices, which  may respond  to abundance   or scarcity more than to quality. The breeder of a cut flower variety must prove it by growing and marketing it. He must know how it yields, travels and sells. When he can place convincing evidence before the trade, people will begin to plant his rose in their greenhouses.  Some years ago I was  in Holland in the winter, and watched part of an order for 1,300,000 plants of `Baccara' being grafted. This was at one nursery, in the evening, when all sorts of people  from the village, having finished their ordinary work came to earn some extra money   by grafting. I was informed that the royalty payment equalled just under a shilling, which lasted for the life of the plant, an average probably of seven years or a little over. All the same, if I was correctly informed, a royalty of about £60,000 was involved  in that contract.
Website/Catalog  (1976)  Page(s) 24.  Includes photo(s).
BACCARA (Meger) : fleur très double, rouge braise
Website/Catalog  (1971)  Page(s) 9.  
BACCARA (Meilland) MEGer 561 F Rouge géranium. Variété très connue pour fleurs coupées.

[no longer listed in 1975]
Website/Catalog  (1970)  Page(s) 2.  
BACCARA (Meilland) - MEGer 561 F. Superbe coloris rouge géranium irisé de rouge andrinople. Excellente variété à longues tiges pour fleurs coupées, d'une longue durée en vases.
Website/Catalog  (1962)  Page(s) 7.  
BACCARA. Meger 561 (Meilland 1956). PRO[tégée] ....Fleur très double et très pleine d'un superbe coloris rouge géranium irisé de rouge andrinople. Remarquable comme fleur coupée de longue durée. VH.[grande végétation] + [conseillées pour fleurs coupées de plein air.]
Magazine  (Aug 1960)  Page(s) 3. trimester, p. 14.  
Référendum 1960 du Salon de la Rose ....Super-Star Brigitte Bardot avec 1.088 points suivie de Gamine avec 1.000 points : en troisième position Baccara, avec 610 points. Et ceci m'amène aux considérations suivantes avant de passer à la suite du classement...A la troisième place, la lumineuse « Baccara » a remonté avec facilité ses suivantes. La faveur du public pour les teintes vives et les jolies formes n'est pas prête de s'éteindre.
Book  (1960)  
p16.  Dr. A. S. Thomas. New Varieties in Victoria.
Baccara HT. (F. Meilland 1956) Wonderfully bright orange-red flowers with stiff stems. Brighter than 'Radar' but smaller. The form is often faulty. A tall grower and no perfume. Hundreds of blooms of this (grown in glasshouses) made superb bowls at the International Rose Conference in London in 1958.

p64.   Lester E. Satterlee.  Rose Growing in Kansas. 
Baccara (Meilland): It has been wonderful for a first year plant and has grown to over six feet. The colour is a geranium-red and the blooms have a fine keeping quality.
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