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Gardening with Roses: Designing with easy-care climbers, ramblers, & shrubs
(1997)  Page(s) 34.  Includes photo(s).
(1997)  Page(s) 34.  
Wife of Bath has a growth habit that is similar to a floribunda... produces soft pink, luscious blooms almost continuously... easier [than other English Roses] to integrate with companion perennials and other roses...
(1997)  Page(s) 22.  
Before the arrival of China roses, Western gardeners cultivated only once-blooming species roses and old European roses descended from R. gallica; of these, only 'Autumn Damask' provided some coveted repeat bloom.
(1997)  Page(s) 120.  
Grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello
(1997)  Page(s) 32.  
A classic hardy, disease-resistant variety with single flowers in shades of pink and mauve.
(1997)  Page(s) 65.  
Blanc Double de Coubert blooms over a long season with little attention from the gardner... favored by Gertrude Jekyll... a superb speciment shrub that integrates well with perennials and herbs. Shapely buds open to large, loosely double flowers that exude intense fragrance...
(1997)  Page(s) 64.  
Blanc Double de Coubert produces masses of large, many-petaled flowers on a sizable bush with an arching habit... provides some substance when positioned in the back of the border, and its repeat bloom is a welcome sight in late summer...
(1997)  Page(s) 66.  Includes photo(s).
Blanc Double de Coubert a great rose whose abundant late spring bloom coincides with the lovely blye flower of false indigo (Baptisia australis); these two make a stunning combination in late May..
(1997)  Page(s) 135.  
Blanc Double de Coubert lovely but rambunctious -- repels disease and insects and provides abundant spring blooms, repeating through summer... looks particularly lovely when paired with pure white foxgloves...
(1997)  Page(s) 15.  Includes photo(s).
An early China-influenced antique rose... [it] bears clusters of deep pink buds that open to dainty, cupped, clear pink flowers.
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