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Old Roses and English Roses
(1993)  Page(s) 78, 80.  Includes photo(s).
Page 78: [Photo]
Page 80: Portland. Description. Flowers: very double dark crimson-purple, button eye, richly fragrant. Cartier (France), 1855
(1993)  Page(s) 24.  
Very double, cherry-red, unusual amongst Gallicas, button eye. Very fragrant. Height 4 ft. Introduced 1823.
(1993)  Page(s) 143.  Includes photo(s).
(1993)  Page(s) 135, 137.  Includes photo(s).
Page 135: [Photo]
Page 137: English Rose. Description. It has many of the qualities looked for in a Floribunda. It is a short but vigorous little bush, producing many small flowers in large sprays so that the plant is covered with bloom. Flowers: small, perfectly formed rosettes of about 2 1/2 ins. across, buff-yellow, deeper at the centre. Fruity fragrance. Height: 3 ft.
(1993)  Page(s) 140.  
English Rose. Description. Flower: almost single, large, pink, with a fine boss of yellow stamens… the bush not quite large enough for the flowers. Height: 2 1/2 ft. Fragrant.
(1993)  Page(s) 150.  Includes photo(s).
(1993)  Page(s) 138.  Includes photo(s).
(1993)  Page(s) 143.  Includes photo(s).
(1993)  Page(s) 131, 137.  Includes photo(s).
Page 131: [Photo]
Page 137: English Rose. Description. Flowers: large, stamens at the center, giving the impression of a semi-double peony, a delicate shade of pink, pleasant fragrance. Height: 4 ft.
(1993)  Page(s) 165.  Includes photo(s).
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