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PhotoR. laxa
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Initial post 25 FEB 19 by StefanDC
There appears to be quite a bit of some Rosa multiflora hybrid mixed into this photograph (the larger clusters of buds, and the brighter green foliage is all that variety.) The subject of the photo has grayish leaves and flowers not noticeably in clusters.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 25 FEB 19 by Hovman
It is an OPS I should have been more specific
most recent 4 JUL 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 4 JUL 17 by Hovman
This Photo is inaccurate not of Bull's Eye
Reply #1 of 1 posted 4 JUL 17 by Robert Neil Rippetoe
I've seen it look like this.
most recent 23 DEC 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 DEC 16 by Jay-Jay
Might this rose be:
Reply #1 of 2 posted 23 DEC 16 by Hovman
Thanks, it could be, I will take a more pictures in early spring and compare
Reply #2 of 2 posted 23 DEC 16 by Jay-Jay
I'll look forward to that.
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Initial post 24 MAY 13 by selectroses
This is a strong growing rose that makes lots of flowers but is highly prone to black spot each season on the west coast of Canada. It might be resistant in some climates, but it defoliates here!
Reply #1 of 3 posted 20 JUN 13 by Hovman
Strong grower no black spot for me in Toronto, very dark red, buds are almost black.
Moderate die back to snow line after the polar vortex winter of 2014
Reply #2 of 3 posted 24 MAY 15 by 1
Most Fourth of July offspring are, from Oregon to B.C., as well as FOJ itself.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 24 NOV 15 by Rob Byrnes
That's a shame as I love the color
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