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Initial post 22 APR by MADActuary
My one-year Muzi-Lucia has made it through winter in Zone 5b (Chicago area) and is in quite good shape. Winter protection was shredded mulch piled about 5 to 6 inches high. Looking forward to seeing how this one develops.
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Initial post 13 APR by KoryO
Is it typical for roses of this variety to vary in coloration?

The first one was pale cream with a little pink on the edges, and the second was much more coral. I just posted pics of the two flowers on this site. Both were lovely, so I have no complaints. I was just wondering if this is typical for Gemini, or if it gets more "pink" when the weather is warmer?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 APR by MADActuary
I would say most of my blooms of Gemini don't look like either of the pics you posted, but perhaps somewhat in between your photos. I bet it will settle into more predicable color and form as it matures.
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Initial post 27 MAR by MADActuary
When it's right, there may not be a more beautiful bloom than Signature.
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Initial post 26 MAR by KoryO
Has anyone ever gotten a complete surprise from a freshly planted grafted rose?

I succumbed to temptation and got a "body bag" rose from Tractor Supply a couple months ago. I saw what was labeled a "Blue Girl" rose that looked pretty vigorous and decided what the heck. Put down my twelve bucks and carted it home. Popped it in a pot, gave it some untreated soil and manure, plus a little bit of fish goo, and was happy to see it take off. It quickly produced about nine buds on the grafted canes. But when they started opening up.....they weren't light purple. They were a magenta color (I live in Central Florida....used to be 9b but just got "upgraded" to 10a here.)

These blooms are definitely not coming from any suckers. They are all from canes grafted onto the rootstock. If they were from suckers (do they appear that quickly?), I'd just call it a Dr Huey and deal with it.

I know that Blue Girl's parentage includes a rose named "Magenta". Is it possible that my rose reverted to a parent?

If there had been a magenta colored rose in those pallets at TS, I would just think it got mislabeled. But the lady said they just got them in the day before, and the pallets were still pretty full when I bought it. (The other varieties were ones like "Tropicana", "Gold Medal", "First Prize" and "Mr Lincoln" - all old classics.)

Sorry if it's a dumb question, I just don't know what happened here.

And no, not buying another rose there, no matter how tempting. ;).
Reply #1 of 2 posted 26 MAR by Nastarana
Experience has convinced me that body bagged roses from Tractor Supply and Walmart are almost never correctly labelled. Also the Brownell "Sub Zero" roses which show up at grocery stores in upstate NY. They might be Brownell roses, but if you buy one you will need to figure out for yourself which one you have. For the price, enjoy whatever it is you get and consider it an annual, is my conclusion. I have found that Aldi's BBs are true to label.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 26 MAR by MADActuary
Buying a rose which has been mislabeled somewhere along the line happens from time to time. In the past 4 years I have ordered and planted about 220 new roses. Six of these were not what I ordered, i.e., they were mislabeled. J&P leads with 3, while Edmunds', Rogue Valley and Roses Unlimited have 1 each. So, 6 divided by 220 is 2.7%. When you buy a rose in a body bag the chances of a "wrong rose" probably go up by 5 or 10 times, if not more than that.
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