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Gloria Dei
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Initial post 5 MAR 22 by Gloria Dei
Renamed 'Oriental Peace' as of March 2 post by Matthias Meilland on FB.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 22 OCT by Mariano R. Saviello

"To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Peace Rose, also called 'Mme A. Meilland' in France, 'Gloria Dei' in Germany and 'Goia' in Italy, the House of Meilland wishes to rename a rose known by rose lovers worldwide".
"A direct descendant of the Peace rose, Baipeace has the best features: from its beauty to the robustness of its vegetation. These characteristics have enabled it to win numerous distinctions such as the All-America Rose Selection (AARS) award in 2002. Baipeace 'Oriental Peace' thus perpetuates the long tradition at Meilland of exceptional roses bearing constantly renewed stories," the Meilland team states.
"This climbing version produces the same classic-shaped roses as the shrub rose from which it originates. It also reflowers during the season. After first blooming in May-June, new roses appear regularly throughout the summer until it blooms again in autumn. Endowed with great vigor, the climbing rose 'Oriental Peace' Baipeacesar spreads its long, climbing branches widely, reaching over 2.5 to 3 meter in height and covering an area of 12 to 15 m²".

btw, I always wondered whether 'Oriental Peace' might be related with the Russian-Ukraine war in Eastern Europe.
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Initial post 12 OCT by Gloria Dei
I am amazed -- mid-October in zone 8A British Columbia and this rose is throwing out 15 fresh buds. Daily temps between 12-18C, and blooms seem to be OK even in our drizzly rain.
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Initial post 30 JUL 22 by Hamanasu
My Destin blooms very little and though it behaved like a bush for a couple of years, now it wants to climb. I cut the outsize cane it threw last year and this year it produced two new shoots right under the cut -- one that suggested I might be able to keep it in check, and now another one that's ridiculously fat and growing a mile a minute. The blooms are beautiful and strongly scented and of course this rare heritage variety is now unobtainable in Britain because of Brexit... So I'll keep it in the hope that if I let it climb to its heart's content (ok, that'll be hard in a pot, but whatever) it will eventually reward me with a decent amount of flowers.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 9 OCT by Gloria Dei
The pictures you posted are amazing.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 9 OCT by Hamanasu
Thank you!
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Initial post 16 SEP by Gloria Dei
In year two, mine is 7' tall by 5' wide, always in bloom, clusters and singles. Strongest fragrance of any of my roses this year except perhaps Mr. Lincoln, which isn't always in bloom.
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