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Gloria Dei
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Initial post 13 SEP by Gloria Dei
Available from - Freedom Gardens,Peter Schneider/Combined Rose List/custom propagation
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Initial post 8 JUN by Gloria Dei
Description says this rose is "bushy, compact" and under 36" in height. Mine has shot up to at least 8 ft on one cane and intermediate heights with other canes. I did not prune the cane that has gone "tall". Beautiful, intense red. Second year, grafted.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 9 JUN by Lee H.
You may have discovered 'Grande Amore Climbing' ;-)
Sometimes I've found the breeder size estimates to be way off for certain climates, but you might try propagating a cutting from that cane nonetheless.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 14 JUN by MADActuary
My Grand Amore - 3rd year (on multiflora from Palatine) - is one of my taller hybrid teas. I'm in zone 5b and it will die back quite a bit over winter but come September it's 5 feet tall and some stems go beyond 5 feet. I would not describe Grand Amore as "bushy" - for me it's very tall and upright. Very good rose for me.
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Initial post 6 JUN by Gloria Dei
Survived a winter that included temps down to -15C (5F) with no die back. Foliage is lush, no disease so far.
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Initial post 13 MAR 23 by Gloria Dei
This will be my second year with White Lies. Last summer it had an incredible production of flowers and as I recollect, was disease-free. The flowers make a beautiful transition from white to a saturated magenta-red, and were long lasting. There were several strong flushes through the summer and early fall, though with less in the fall. I highly recommend it. It has almost no scent, but its beauty and mass of production makes it worth it. I should also note that it was in partial shade for most of the day, getting perhaps 3-4 hours of direct sun. I note the comment about having a strong scent like fresh peaches. I will monitor this year to see if that changes for me.
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