The plant Search By Name page is used to search for a plant, or plants, matching the full or partial plant name you provide. Matching plant names are listed alphabetically and grouped by how well they match the search name. Be sure to check each list group.Each plant name is a clickable link to the plant details page. A list of letters to the right of each plant name correspond to the legend at the page bottom and highlight some characteristics of the specific plant listing.
Enter a complete or partial plant name and click the SEARCH button to search for plants matching the name entered.
    There are 4 different types of name searches.
  • A Best Matches search, the default, looks for the best matches to the full or partial named entered. An exact match on a unique plant name will take you directly to the plant page otherwise the closest matches are listed alphabetically followed by another alphabetical list of less likely but potential matches.
  • A Begins With search looks for plant names beginning with the name entered. For example, enter "moon" to list all plant names beginning with "moon", like 'Moon Shadow' or 'MoonBerry'.
  • A Contains search looks for plant names containing the name entered. For example, enter "moon" to list all plant names containing "moon", like 'Moon Shadow', 'Full Moon Rising', 'Blue Moon' or Honeymoon.
  • An Ends With search looks for plant names ending with the partial name entered. For example, enter "moon" to find the plant 'Blue Moon' or 'Honeymoon' .
Select the desired search type from the dropdown list.All searches are case insensitive which simply means capitalization is ignored. Searching for "Angel Face" or "angel face" will both find the plant 'Angel Face'.Trade mark and copyright symbols are ignored so there is no need to enter them. If more than one plant share the same name, they will all be listed for you to select the appropriate one.If the search finds only one potential match you will be taken directly to that plant page otherwise, on the resulting plant list, click the plant name to go to the respective plant page.If the search finds many potential matches the list will be "paged". Use the "MORE" and "BACK" links to move forward and backward through the list.