This page lists the plants on your HelpMeFind Wish List.The Wish List is a list of plants you wish to (possibly) purchase immediately or in the future (next season). The feature is only available to registered site guests. You add plants to your wish list by clicking the ADD TO WISH LIST button found on each plant display page.The best feature of the wish list is the automatic matching to nurseries offering your wish list plants. For each plant, we list the nurseries selling it. You can also list all the nurseries selling one of more of your wish list plants. And even better, tell us your favorite nurseries and we will show you which of them has one of more of your plants.Our website's premium membership greatly enhances this feature. Non-premium member wish lists are limited to sponsor nurseries. Please consider a premium membership if you would like all nurseries included or would like to limit it to your "favorite nurseries" list.
Scroll down as necessary to review your complete list.
    Two different list formats are available. In addition, you can limit the choice of nurseries check to see if they have plants found on your wish list.
  • Plants are listed alphabetically and plants with one or more known suppliers have have a NURSERIES button to list all the HMF nurseries selling this plant. This is useful to see all the nurseries selling this specific plant.
  • Nurseries selling one or more of the plants on your wish list are listed alphabetically with a PLANTS button to list the plants from your wish list available through them. This is useful to find the nurseries selling the most plants from your wish list.
In addition to plant or nursery based lists, you can limit the choice of nurseries automatically checked to see if they are selling plants found on your HMF Plant Wish List.* Nurseries are those located in, or shipping to, your (registration) home address country. The list of nurseries to check is limited to HMF sponsor nurseries unless you have a new premium membership which has the advantage, among many others, of including all nurseries.An advantage of the premium membership is ability to make your own list of "favorite nurseries" that you prefer to deal with. Once you have identified your favorite nurseries, you can easily keep track of which of your favorite nurseries is offering the plant you want.All plant and nursery names are click-able links allowing you to view their complete details.You remove plants from your wish list by clicking the REMOVE button to the right of the plant name.