Every member page includes a button labeled SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE. You will also find this button on listings (nurseries, gardens, breeders, etc.) where they have provided us an email address to contact them.Use private messages to communicate to another site member about information you do not want public. For example, sending them your mailing address or email address.Please do not use private messages to exchange information that could be of interest and useful to others in the gardening community, instead use the standard POST COMMENT button as then your message will be visible to everyone. After all, that's what HMF is all about.
Click the SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE button to post your message to the currently displayed member or listing. Your message is posted to both your member page Private Msgs tab as well as the recipients. This allows you to keep track of the messages you have sent. In addition, we immediately send the recipient an email notifying them your message and we flag their membership account to alert them to new messages when they next visit HMF.You can now use the REPLY button to respond back and forth. Each reply is listed below the original private message. Your list of all private messages lists the most recently active ones first. A month old message answered to today will be listed first because its activity is the most recent.