This page lists your HelpMeFind Watch List. The watch list is a list of plants you want us to monitor for you. We watch for new photos, comments, gardens or nurseries for the specific plants you add to your Watch list. "New" photos, comments, gardens or nurseries are those added to the website since you last viewed the applicable plant's Photos, Comments, Gardens or Nurseries (Buy From) tab.The watch list allow you to easily monitor website changes to plants you are interested in. Possibly you are interested in any new photos or knowing when a new garden growing a particular plant has been added.You add plants to your Watch List by clicking the MY WATCH LIST button found on main (first) tab or every plant page.
Scroll down as necessary to review your complete list. Click on the Plant name to view the plant page tabs and click on the appropriate tab.For example, if new photos have been added to the photo tab since you last displayed a plant's photo tab you will see the message "New photos". Visit that plant's photos tab and the "New photos" message will be removed. It works the same way for the Reviews & Comments, Gardens, Nurseries (Buy From) tabs.