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The Art of Gardening with Roses
(1991)  Page(s) 18.  
The 'Musk Rose' x R. gallica. Slender heps (R. gallica has rounded hips).
(1991)  Page(s) 226.  
Baronne Charles de Gargan Soupert & Notting, 1893. Tea. Parentage: 'Mme Barthélemy Levet' x 'Socrate'. [Author cites information from different sources.]
(1991)  Page(s) 227.  
Beauté Inconstante ('Beauté de Lyon') Pernet-Ducher, 1892. Noisette. [Author cites information from different sources.]
(1991)  Page(s) 71.  Includes photo(s).
(1991)  Page(s) 137, 141.  Includes photo(s).
Page 137: [Photo] ('Bellart') a Gallica rose of 1857. Flowers: pale pink, fading to almost white at the edges, quartered, with a button eye, fragrant. The heps are showy and hispid.
Page 141: [Photo]
(1991)  Page(s) 150.  
Belle Amour Translation: "Beautiful Love". Alba. Unknown, date uncertain... light orange-pink...
(1991)  Page(s) 40.  
Crossed with the floribunda, 'Dainty Maid', it produced Austin's 'Constance Spry'.
(1991)  Page(s) 147.  Includes photo(s).
A Gallica with few prickles and good bushy growth. Flower: lilac-pink, fragrant, plentiful flowers borne upright (a feature that is typical of Gallicas). Prune away all flowering wood as soon as the flowers have fallen.
(1991)  Page(s) 73.  
Bengale Cérise China. Late nineteenth century... cherry-red... like most of the Chinas it does not like the cold. Parentage unknown.
(1991)  Page(s) 59.  Includes photo(s).
A once-flowering Bourbon rose of immense vigour
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