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Recent website additions and changes to HelpMeFind
Oct 24
There is a new Ezine issue and we looking for article contributions for future ones. Your submission need not be new as we are eager to build an indexed and searchable collection of informative and entertaining essays.
Oct 24
Plant lineage report options now include a new "SPORTS" option. It lists, you guessed it, any known sports for the currently displayed plant.
Oct 15
The latest major improvement, we make small ones most everyday, is the ability to upload multiple photos.

For example, if you have several photos of the same plant you can now upload them all using a single upload form. You can upload up to 5 at a time.

We hope this will encourage people to take plant photos of the bloom, the whole plant, and another focusing on foliage and buds.
Aug 1
We've greatly improved our name search to make it much smarter.
Apr 9
Finally... a new Ezine issue ! Many thanks to our contributors.
Jan 18
Premium-membership members will find new options for their wish list reporting as well as several new options when viewing nursery and garden plant lists.
Jan 5
We've confirmed almost 1,600 patents from before 1984. Only 2,000 more rose patents to go!
Jan 4
The "Favorites" list have been greatly enhanced for premium-membership members. let us know what you think of the new list options.
Nov 24
We've brought back the alphabetic lists of plants.
Nov 6
We found and corrected a problem with the member garden plant so if you had wanted to list the plants in your garden but were having a problem please give it a try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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