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'Francis Dubreuil' rose References
Book  (1953)  Page(s) 38.  
I could scarcely list all the Tea roses which graced the early Brisbane gardens. They were many and varied but the only really red varieties were Francois Dubreuil and Souvenir de Therese Levet. Both produced medium sized well shaped blooms in abundance, but they lacked perfume, a common fault in Tea Roses. Had there appeared more colour in the Tea class its popularity might have been maintained but this and its deficiency in perfume as compared with its successor the Hybrid Tea rose soon reduced its numbers so that today there remains only a bare skeleton marking its former greatness.

S.B. Watkins
Fifty Years of Roses in Queensland
(1 Jun 1940)  Page(s) 6.  
Gardening Without Water
Recommendations cover … a trio of similar roses, Francois Dubreuil, General Gallieni, and Therese Levet.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 220.  
Dubreuil, Francis (tea) Dubreuil 1894; velvety purple-crimson, vivid cherry-red and fiery amaranth reflexes, medium size, very double, fine form, lasting, opens, thick rounded petals, ovoid buds, floriferous, continuous bloom, autumn-bloomer, firm upright stems, dark bluish green foliage, growth 6/10, well-branched. Sangerhausen
Book  (1931)  Page(s) 102, 104, 105.  
George Knight.  Tea Roses in New South Wales.
p102. When I was a boy, I planted here at Homebush a few roses, amongst which were Perle des Jardins, Souv. de Therese Levet and Francois Dubreuil. These are still growing well and are good specimen trees and produce large quantities of nice flowers.

p103 What an opportunity is offered to some of the authorities in connection with the public gardens of the State to plant out some of the most vigorous of these old tea Roses and grow them into large shrubs. There is no more striking feature than to see a Rose bush eight or nine feet high, built in proportion and covered in bloom. I would suggest as some of the most suitable for this purpose : Corallina, Mme Charles, Dr. Grill, Francois Dubreuil, Mdlle. Christine de Noue and Mrs Dunlop Best. The latter makes a nice bush up to six feet.

p105 Francois Dubreuil:- Beautiful, long dark red buds which last a long time, of good form. I have seen it well shown here in the early spring. 
Article (newspaper)  (2 Aug 1926)  Page(s) 5.  
"Hortilanus", Garden Notes.
The Queensland raised rose 'Penelope' was staged by the raiser at a meeting of the Horticulture Society of Queensland in July 1906 and was awarded the society's certificate of merit. It is claimed to be a seedling from 'Madame Lombard'; being self-fertilised. Plants of Francis Dubreuil and 'White Maman Cochet' were growing alongside. 'Penelope', in its flowers, shows distinct leanings to each of the two last roses, and little at all of 'Madame Lambard'. 'Madame Lambard' is a rose that produces seed freely. The other two varieties seldom produce seed.
Article (newspaper)  (10 Jan 1925)  Page(s) 13.  
The Rosary.  By Dog Rose.
For some time past in these columns I have been giving notes on what we consider to be the best of the roses, but I think it is also important to mention varieties of roses which have bad faults, and cannot be classed among the best varieties. I do not wish to utterly condemn the roses which are mentioned in this article, but I think that in any case the varieties referred to have a fault, which is quite sufficient to make the gardener put them on one side when so many up-to-date new varieties can be secured. [...] Francois Debruil [sic] was grown some years back, when we had a very few red hybrid teas, but it is now completely outclassed by later varieties, such as Hadley, Hoosier Beauty, Lord Charlemont, and others. This rose burns very badly during the hot weather; it also has a crooked flower stem, and hangs its head somewhat.
Website/Catalog  (1922)  Page(s) 25.  
(84) Francis Dubreuil (T.) (Dubreuil) 2. Medium-sized blooms of velvety crimson, with a purple shading. 'Souv. de Therese Levet' is better than this variety.
Book  (1922)  Page(s) 384.  
A Descriptive List of Roses in Commerce.
Francis Dubreuil (Tea), Dubreuil 1894: Flower ox's blood red, shaded velvety purple, large, very full, opening well. Growth robust, very floriferous. Suitable as an Autumnal or Garden rose.
Magazine  (Nov 1921)  
Mr. Paul Nabonnand, rosarian at Golfe-Juan (T.N.)Côte d'Azur, France)
I'm going to list those which are more or less resistant, or resistant as even though mildew presents itself, it does not harm the growth of rose and it flowers as if nothing ever happened. ....Francis Dubreuil
Magazine  (Jul 1921)  
p229 Les meilleures variétés de Rosiers Thés à cultiver pour la plantation des massifs
Rapporteur : M. J.-B. CROIBIER, 1"' Vice-Président
[Approx. translation:] Francis Dubreuil (Dubreuil, 1894 ) , vigorous bush, beautiful foliage, Color crimson velvety red, long living flower, very beautiful.

p230 Best roses for Beds/ Mass planting at Côte D'Azur by Mr Paul Nabonnand, Golfe Juan.
Francis Dubreuil, vivid red.
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