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Verdier, Victor
'Verdier, Victor'  photo
Photo courtesy of Jocelyn
Rose and peony breeder   Listing last updated on 02 Jul 2022.
Paris, Paris
Philippe-Victor VERDIER (August 5, 1803 - February 3, 1878 Paris) established his nursery in 1848, breeding roses, peonies and irises. In that year he inherited a collection of peonies from his uncle, M. Jacques, gardener to King Louis Philippe. Cultivars listed up to 1861. He was succeeded in 1866 by his younger son Charles Verdier (1824-1902), who had already been in the business. In 1902, the firm of Vilmorin-Andriex inherited Verdier's iris, and presumably peonies too. The more famous elder son Eugène Verdier had set up his own separate business.

[From Le Bon Jardinier, 1833, p. 858] Verdier, à Neuilly, près de Paris.

[From Revue Horticole, October 1833, p. 336:] Parmi les établissements marchands, oû à l'instar de celui de M. Vibert, on ne cultive que des roses, nous indiquons...M. Verdier, à Neuilly, près Paris.

[From Revue Horticole, November 1839, p. 272:] M. Victor Verdier, rue des Trois-Ormes, boulevard de la Gare, près de la barrière d'Ivry. Catalogue des rosiers au nombre de 646 espèces.

[From Annales de flore et de pomone, 1842-43, p. 36:] Verdier, rose-grower, rue des Trois-Ormes, boulevard de la Garre

[From Journal d'Horticulteur pratique de Belgique, 1856, p. 349] ..MM. Verdier père et Charles fils, horticulteurs, rue du Marché-aux-Chevaux, à Paris.

[From Le Nord-est agricole et horticole, August 15, 1878, p. 241:] Philippe-Victor Verdier...chevalier de la Legion-d'Honneur, né le 5 août 1803, est mort à Paris, le 3 février 1878...En 1828, Victor Verdier obtenait, en collaboration Avec son oncle et Patron Jacques, jardinier en Chef du domaine de Neuilly...les roses issues dr R. sempervirens: Adélaïde d'Orléans, Félicité Perpétue, Léopoldine d'Orléans, Mélanie de Montjac, Princesse Louise, Princess Marie, enfin General Athalin....

[From The Book of the Peony by Alice Harding, 1917, p. 51-52:] The collection raised by M. Jacques was inherited by his nephew, M. Victor Verdier, presumably after the Revolution of 1848 and the dethronement of Louis Philippe. Verdier had produced aome new varieties Prior to this date, but sixteen of his best kinds - still offered by growers to-day - were put out between 1855 and 1861. One of Verdier's most noted peonies is the incomparable Marie Jaquin.

[From The Book of the Peony by Alice Harding, 1917, p. 55:] Tabulation showing successive owners of noted French collections of peonies:
M. Jacques, gardener to Louis Philippe. 1830-1848
Victor Verdier, 1848-1866.
Eugene Verdier, 1866- ?
Part of this collection was acquired by Dessert.

[From "Les Iris cultivés:Actes et comptes-rendus de la 1re Conférence internationale des iris", 1923, p. 60] ...the Verdiers (Victor Verdier, who was later succeeded by his son Charles, and Eugène Verdier, who established his own account)...

[From The Quest for the Rose, by Phillips & Rix, p. 83:] nephew of Antoine A. Jacques, born 1803. He collaborated with his uncle in breeding Rosa sempervirens ramblers such as 'Félicité et Perpétue', and raised peonies, irises and gladioli. He also bred many Hybrid Perpetuals -- first once-flowering varieties such as 'Général Athalin' and , later, repeat-flowering ones -- and raised Moss, China, Tea and Noisette Roses. He died in 1878.

[From The Old Rose Advisor, by Brent C. Dickerson, p. 148:] Verdier (Philippe-Victor). -- Horticulturalist of Ivry (Seine); died in 1878 at the age of 75. Was vice-president of the National Horitcultural Society. Important breeder of Roses, Peonies, Irises, and Gladioli... Born August 5, 1803, at Yerres (Seine-et-Oise), died in February, 1878... He was still under-manager of cultures at Neuilly when he undertook growing roses from seed. He developed at that time, in collaboration with his uncle [Mons Jacques], the 'Sempervirens' line: 'Adelaide d'Orleans', 'Felicite et Perpetue', 'Leopoldine d'Orleans', 'Melanie de Montjoie', 'Princesse Louise', 'Princesse Marie', and finally 'General Athalin' ['Athalin'], a non-remontant variety, but one which at length stood at the head of the new race to which we have given the name of Hybrid Perpetuals -- despite the fact that Mons Verdier never in the least practiced cross-breeding between the genres which he perfected! It's from 'General Athalin' that his 'Perpetuelle de Neuilly' came in 1834, as well as so many others bred by his contemporaries Hardy, Vibert, Prevost, and Laffay, whose [recent] death we mourn. In 1838, the remontant roses began to take the place of the non-remontants, and Victor Verdier, who had the most complete collection of these latter, disposed of them, rebuilding a new collection with the new roses... [please see Source for more information

[From Roll Call: The Old Rose Breeder, by Brent C. Dickerson, p. 527:] Victor Verdier [i.e., Philippe-Victor] Nephew of A.A. Jacques, with whose rose-breeding he was involved. (1803-1878) Paris, France.

[From The Old Rose Adventurer, p. 519: circa 1844] the Paris garden of [Victor Verdier], celebrated for its fine collection of roses... containing two or three acres... a greater portion of them were Bourbons and hybrid perpetuals... fifteen hundred varieties, selected from above twenty-five hundred cultivated by him since 1827...

[Victor Verdier, (1808-1878), Paris, France, established his nursery in 1848 and also bred irises. In that year he inherited a collection of peonies from his uncle, M. Jacques, gardener to King Louis Philippe. Sons Charles Verdier (1824-1893 )succeeded him in the nursery in 1866 and probably a brother, Louis Eugene Verdier (1827- 1902). In 1902, the firm of Vilmorin-Andrieux inherited Verdier's iris, and presumably peonies too.
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