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HelpMeFind is a member-community funded website; your financial support ensures it will continue to grow and thrive.  If you value HelpMeFind and appreciate not being subject to constant advertising please donate to show your support.

HMF was founded in 1997 to provide a commercially impartial tool to collect, organize and present rose information.  Our mission is to bring gardeners from around the world together by providing a tool to share their insight and experience.  We have barely scratched the surface of HelpMeFind's potential.  Our "To-Do" list of enhancements is continuously growing with our own ideas as well as your suggestions.  We are also constantly refining our website to (hopefully) make it easier to use.

Unlike most websites, HelpMeFind is not a commercially-driven, thinly disguised marketing tool and that makes funding a challenge.  HelpMeFind funding is supplemented with subscription fees from some of the commercial organizations featured on the website but this sponsor pricing is modest to avoid dependence on individual companies and potentially allowing them to influence our website's content, direction or policies.  We need YOUR support.

Donations of any amount are appreciated but if you can donate $24 or more we thank you with a one-year premium membership upgrade.  To take advantage of this offer, please be sure to register BEFORE you make your donation.

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