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Black Roses
There aren't any black roses. There are some roses that are dark enough in color that they can be described as blackish. Some of these are 'Black Jade', 'Acey Deucy', 'Oklahoma', 'Taboo', 'Ink Spots', 'Deep Secret', and 'Night Time'. [Tip: If you do a Search for "Color", selecting "Dark Red", you'll come up with a list of roses some of which may fall under this heading.]

[From The Rose Garden, by William Paul, p. 25: This quote from Loudon in the Encyclopedia of Gardening, 1822] L. Villaresii, Royal Gardener at Monza, has raised upwards of fifty varieties of Rosa indica, not one of which has as far as we know reached this country. Some of them are quite black / others shaped like a Ranunculus; and many of them are highly odiferous."

[From The Old Rose Adventurer, by Brent C. Dickerson, p. 41: In the description for 'De Van Eeden'] As with all Gallicas, the petals finally blacken before falling -- the explanation of the so-called 'Black rose'.

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