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Rugosa Hybrids
[From Roses for English Gardens, by Gertrude Jekyll, p. 24:] The danger in rugosa hybrids is the tendency towards a strong magenta colouring, such as is suggested by the type.

[From Visions of Roses, by Peter Beales, p. 89:] With one or two exceptions, Rugosa hybrids are very, very thorny. 'Sarah Van Fleet' is perhaps the most prickly of all.

[From Peter Schneider on Rose, by Peter Schneider, p. 148:] The hybrid rugosas stand alone as a class that has increased in number and variety while still maintaining some of the essential character of its species progenitor.

[From A Heritage of Roses, by Hazel Le Rougetel, p. 55:] large flowers blooming over many months with dark-green glossy foliage turning gold... orange-red hips high in Vitamin C content and very prickly stems... disease-resistant and will tolerate poor soil and harsh weather ... need no support

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