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Chen Yi Nursery

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Retail peony and clematis nursery   Owned by Mrs. Chen Yi.   Listing last updated on 08 Jul 2020.
TuanLi CongLinZhuang Villa 75,
Tong Zhou SongZhuang,
Beijing, Beijing 101118
+(86) 10-8955-7052  [Fax]
About us:
We are a Chinese nursery specializing in native Chinese perennials; most of which are cold-hardy. We offer good quality adult plants and bulbs; but can unfortunately not offer seeds. For years we have been extensively exporting our plants to many countries in Europe and United States; and have earned a good reputation and a lot of experience.

How do I place an order?
Orders can be placed thru email, regular mail or fax (see above). Please include the plant number and quantity you would like to purchase. We will send a confirmation when we receive the order. For larger orders, over $6000.00 US dollars, we offer a discount of 10% on list prices.

What is required to import plants?
Please take a look at the Import FAQ on our homepage, or contact your local Agriculture Department. We provide a valid Phytosanitary ("plant health") Certificate free of charge with every order.

What size are your plants and bulbs?
We sell large plants and bulbs, most of them flowering sized. Remember that some species may require a year to establish, and species bulbs often are naturally smaller than their hybrid-cousins.

How do you ship the plants?
The plants are shipped as express parcels from our Beijing office, and our shipping agents (DPE, DHL, UPS or FedEx) will deliver the plants directly to your address once they have passed thru customs. Delivery usually takes 5-7 days. Our main shipping period is from November thru March. Packaging is included in the price; but shipping expenses are not included, and will be charged at cost. Below is a rate chart provided by DHL Express Shipping Company. Their quoted prices are all inclusive, providing door-to-door service with no hidden, extra charges.

The FIRST 500g: $38.00 (within the first 1g to 500g is same price.)
Each additional 500g: add $10.00

How do I treat the plants once they arrive?
Our plants are shipped when dormant, washed free from soil and wrapped in clean sphagnum moss; bulbs are usually shipped dry. (See image 1 and image 2.) The bare-rooted plants, rhizomes, and roots should be planted immediately upon receipt, and kept cool. This is to prevent the plants from being forced out of their winter rest period. A good rule is to keep the potted, leafless plants, roots and rhizomes dark; and the plants with leaves light. Most of our plants can be planted directly outside (if climate and weather-conditions allow it); but some of the more tender plants may benefit from a short period potted in a cool greenhouse. Our bulbs can be stored for a shorter period before planting, as long as they are kept cool and dark. Don't divide or make cuttings of the plants after your received them, it can lead to severe growth deceleration or even death of the plant. Arisaemas benefit from being planted in well-drained, loose soil and kept cool and only slightly moist until new roots appear. Dusting the bulbs with fungicide may be beneficial.

How do I send payment?
We will bill you via email for the plants and shipping charges when the order is shipped. Payment in US dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling will be accepted. When the shipment reaches you, please wire payment through the bank directly to our bank account. You can also pay in cash, check or by International American Express Money Order drawn in US dollars, by Registered Mail directly to our postal address; all of these methods of payment will be accepted by us. Please contact us at, or thru our fax: +(86) 10-8955-7052 for further information.

What if I receive a damaged or dead plant?
We guarantee healthy arrival of plants - if you receive severely damaged or dead material please contact us; and we will do our best to make you a happy and satisfied customer.
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