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Adam  rose photo courtesy of member Simon Voorwinde
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Initial post 9 NOV 10 by Patricia Routley
I believe that some roses sold as 'Adam' in Australia, are 'Mme. Berard'. Yours looks paler, but soil, cooler climate?
Reply #1 of 3 posted 13 NOV 10 by Simon Voorwinde
From what I've read so far, Patricia, this particular rose could be any one of quite a number of roses... 'Madam Berard', 'President', etc... whatever its name it's a lovely rose with a lovely shape and doesn't seem to mind Tasmanian winters or blackspot pressures. The other Teas are not doing nearly so well. 'Comtesse de Labarthe' is developing quite a dose of spot at the moment, as is 'Marie Van Houtte'. "Adam" is in a pot at the moment awaiting placement (climbers like this always take me a long time to place properly), and is still flowering well. As the weather warms up here I expect the colours will also warm up... a lot of the Teas all seem the same colour here at the moment... shades of 'Safrano' ;)
Reply #2 of 3 posted 13 NOV 10 by Patricia Routley
'President' is a synonym of 'Adam'.
Perhaps it is doing so well for you because it seems (to me) that this rose is more noisette, than tea. I usually try to plant the climbers first, and the smaller roses later. That way the climbers don't get too pot-bound.
Here is what came to me as 'Adam' on R. fortuniana in 2004. I've put it in my books as 'Mme. Berard'. The bottom rose seems to be the same as Brent Dickerson's plate 178, but is a lot pinker (salmon?) than the plate.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 14 NOV 10 by Simon Voorwinde
They look the same to me, Patricia. As the weather warms up maybe the colours of mine will too.
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