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Member rose, peony and clematis garden   Listing last updated on 08 Jul 2020.
New Berlin, Wisconsin
United States
Nothing elaborate at all. Not a cottage garden, but a mixture of trees, shrubs, roses, peonies and clematis. Some of everything!
I was lucky enough to attend a plant auction at a nursery 3 years in a row before the auction was abolished. That is where I picked up, with my neighbor, trays of clematis at a very low price.We divided the clematis between us and each came out with 8-10 plants. Like I said, I have multiple varieties of clematis growing thru my roses thruout my yard and gardens.
My husband made me two big copper arbors in the back yard and two smaller ones.. The big arbors are over large concrete sculptures. One sculpture is of a cherub and the other is a kneeling angel. Pink roses mixed with different varieties of pink clematis are on the arbor over the cherub. There are yellow roses mixed with blue and purple clematis varieties over the angel
. The large arbors are in front of the lotline which has a fence. There are many different varieties of flowering shrubs and bushes that produce berries for the winter. I have bird feeders, bird houses, and a birdbath in my back yard. A safe haven for birds is what I'd like my yard to be. For trees in my back yard, I have a large saucer magnolia, redbud, another variety of magnolia, and a maple as well.
The south side of my house is not large, but the space that I do have allows for climbing roses and clematis. My husband just churned up a 4' x 16' area there for this year. I think that I will try my hand at vegies and potatos besides roses..
The front yard is a mixture of roses and perrenials the length of the house. I'm really quite pleased with the way it looks.
The north side and all along the north side of the fence in the back yard are my peonies. I can't wait until spring as I have just planted 2 more this past fall. I doubt that they'll do much this year, but in a couple of years, watch out!!
One thing that I am absolutely firm about is NO CHEMICALS!!! Natural fertilizer, compost, etc. Natural ways to kill pests. I try very hard not to use anthing that isn't natural.
I would someday like to cross different varieties of clematis or roses to come up with a new variety. I would think that would make for very interesting work!
I'm really a very laid back gardener who just likes variety and unique flowers.
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