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Vilebranch Bramble
'Vilebranch Bramble'  photo
Photo courtesy of Aurelija D.
Member rose, peony and clematis garden   Listing last updated on 18 Jul 2024.
Eemsmond, The Netherlands
USDA Zone: 8b (15 to 20 F / -9.4 to 6.7 C)
I am an ordinary gardener, planting plants purely because I like them, rather than their historic, mythical, popular or whatever other value. My current garden is leaning towards a rose garden, mostly because the bulbs do not grow that well on a sea bottom clay (which is essentially what I garden on - the sea bottom - a bit drier than it used to be centuries back though), and because I am still enjoying the fact that I can grow more roses now, than I used to be able to in my previous z5 garden in Lithuania. My interests in roses, or any other plant for that matter, does not extend beyond the simple gardening. I either dig it in, it grows and I like it, or I don't... and then it gets exiled to the North wall bed, or dies and saves me the trouble.

I take a few pictures so now and then, digital cameras make that hobby so much easier. :D
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