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Our second garden
'Our second garden'  photo
Photo courtesy of SteffenAlbrecht
  Listing last updated on 04 Oct 2023.
Hamburg, Hamburg
USDA Zone: 8a (10 to 15 F / -12.2 to -9.5 C)
We bought a small terraced house in 2010 and inherited some 30+ year old roses from the previous owners which made me first interested in roses. The garden is really tiny (200 square meters which seems something like .05 acres ...) but I managed to squeeze more than 40 different roses into it while still keeping a (small) lawn ... of course, as I read more and more about roses, I have come to regret some of my earlier choices and even more that there is no space to amend! As a small grace, there is a rather too large balcony, but it's on the northwest side. I have started to plant roses in large pots there anyway. So far they're doing fine.
Generally the garden is too small and too bordered by ugly garages, fences, refuse containers and a road with parking cars to ever look really good, but I consider it my learning garden and hope we'll one day move to a house with a much larger garden where I can put to good practice all my experiences with this one.


OK, here we go. In 2019, We finally bought a somewhat larger house with a much larger garden, some 200 yards down the road, and moved in in Spring 2020. Now there is much more room for a lot more things, including real trees, berry bushes, quite a number of rhododendrons inherited from the previous owner, a rock garden, and this time, even a lawn! And of course there are quite a number of roses I brought along, most of which survived being moved not only once, but twice, as we completely redesigned the garden about a year after we moved here, so I first parked them in a provisional spot and then moved them to the final destination. Unfortunately, three of my favorites died in the process, but the rest is alive and kicking. :) And I am trying some new things.
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