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Flower Jungle
'Flower Jungle'  photo
Photo courtesy of Padretti
  Listing last updated on 18 Jul 2024.
Czech Republic
On the one hand, our garden is old-fashioned, with its antique benches, old stone outbuildings and hundreds of historical, traditional and long-forgotten varieties of flowers; on the other, it is modern, with its gravel beds and our annual efforts to add the newest cultivars. There are wild stretches teaming with birds, butterflies and bees, and a small, well kept vegetable garden and greenhouse. A small pond boasts a waterfall, aquatic plants, frogs, one fish and a sizable population of newts. There are also full grown trees (oak, ash and walnut), saplings (liquidambar, swamp maple, and dogwood) and an orchard (apple, pear, plum, apricot, peach, quince and medlar). The house to which the garden is attached was built in the mid 19th century, and although it has retained its country charm, it has a modern edge, too. The house and garden are adorned with over 200 roses (mostly English and historical), which provide a stunning visual and olfactory experience. Dogs and ducks round off the eclectic, artsy atmosphere.
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