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Role of Petal-Specific Orcinol O-Methyltransferases in the Evolution of Rose Scent
Article (magazine) published 2006.

Authored by Philippe Hugueney, Gabriel Scalliet
The authors have established that enzymes leading to the production of DMT, the main scent compound of roses descending from R. gigantea are located in the petals.
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Gabriel Scalliet, Claire Lionnet, Mickaël Le Bechec, Laurence Dutron, Jean-Louis Magnard, Sylvie Baudino, Véronique Bergougnoux, Frédéric Jullien, Pierre Chambrier, Philippe Vergne, Christian Dumas, J. Mark Cock and Philippe Hugueney. Published in Plant Physiology, January 2006, pp. 18-29.
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