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'Princesse Charlène de Monaco ®' rose photo
Photo courtesy of kgs
United States
I have been growing roses off and on since the mid-1980s, when I was stationed at a military base in New Mexico and rented a house with raised beds in front. Since then I have moved around a lot and planted many different roses. After 8 years renting in Northern California, during which I had six pots of roses I tended, I am again a homeowner, this time with a sunny front and back yard, and I now have 30 bushes (8 are minis). My approach has gradually shifted from "what chemicals can I use for managing pests and disease" to "is this the right plant for this environment, and what sustainable practices can keep it healthy?" To me, the "perfect" rose is the one that makes me happy (and makes my neighbors happy).

I'm an amateur, not an expert, but my experiences with planting and then saying goodbye to dozens of rose varieties, and my love of rose catalogs, mean I know many more roses by name and habit than a lot of casual rose-gardeners. I am fortunate to live in one of the best areas for growing roses (Sonoma County).
Experienced (36 years)
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