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I was fortunate to grow up with a large family (13) of rose enthusiasts. My mother was from the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky and her family(10) had brought roses into Indiana.
I am Rebuilding my Rose Garden:
I had a Garden of 150 Roses that I had to move away from when we needed a larger house. The new owners were friends of my husband for 10+ years. They had Promised they would not touch the Roses... but they lied. The new owners KILLED/ REMOVED (moment of silence) the 10+yr roses before I could get back. I moved in July and the agreement was I would come back in fall. I came back in mid-September and the yard was nothing but mud. It looked like they did this a week or days before. Even the hand-poured stone walk was smashed. My friends that came with me just stood with me while I cried.
I am looking for cuttings to rebuild my garden like I used to have,
I used to leave clippers next to the door(inside) and neighbors would come over and I would walk through and I would give away roses every day.
Very experienced (35 years)
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