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Clements, John
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Initial post 10 NOV 16 by Patricia Routley
I have been looking at the roses of John Clements and it seems he ignored all the words in the dictionary for inspiration and doubled up on a few code names. We have:

CLEzap-Portlandia. 2002
CLEzap-Scarlet Velvet. 2006

CLEwonder-Color Wonder. 2001

CLEhope-Ashley. 2002
CLEhope-Stars 'n' Stripes Forever. 2003

CLElight-Little Lighthouse. 1991
CLElight-Sarah. 2001

But as for these next two, I am completely lost.
CLEpchsilk-Magnificent Perfume. 2003 light pink shrub
CLEpchsilk-Peach Silk. 2004 light pink climber

(I rather think there was confusion there, with the following name:
CLEperf 'Apricot Perfume'. 1990 apricot miniature)

Can anybody help us sort out the CLEpchsilk's. I am a little ill with a virus and I cannot see things too clearly at the moment.
Thanks. Patricia
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