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Seven Dwarf Series
In The Old Rose Advisor, Brent Dickerson (p. 242) mentions the "7 Dwarfs" series ('Bashful'/'Giesebrecht', 'Doc'/'Degenhard', 'Grumpy'/'Burkhard', 'Sleepy'/'Balduin', 'Sneezy'/'Bertram', 'Happy'/'Alberich'... the name 'Dopey' was not applied to a previously named cultivar...

There are two roses called Sneprincesse and Sneprinsesse ('Snow White')... and several called 'Snow White'...

[From The Ultimate Rose Book, by Stirling Macoboy, p. 210:] In 1954, the Dutch hybridist de Ruiter brought out a series of dwarf roses that he called 'Compacta Roses', seven of them named for the Seven Dwarfs... All are derived from 'Robin Hood', and were originally christened in German.

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