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Scots Roses
[From Botanica's Roses, p. 68:] The special virture of the Scots Roses is their hardiness and many hybrids have been bred from them for cool coniditions, notably by Kordes in Germany... There are two main types of Scots Roses, the low-growing ones and the taller Asian types.
[Ibid, p. 316:] Scots roses were popular between 1790 and 1830 when there were several hundred in commerce.
[From Classic Roses (1997), by Peter Beales, p. 125:] Many double forms of R. pimpinellifolia have existed over the years since the first were introduced around 1800. These came in many colours and all were named. Some of these charming little roses are still with us but their names have become lost in time. The Royal National Rose Society has a good and varied representative collection of these which are well worth seeing in May and June, at St. Albans.
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