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Hybrid Noisette
[From The Rose Garden (Tenth Edition), by William Paul, p. 252:] Hybrid Noisettes are a combination of the Provence (Centifolia) rose and the Noisette rose.
[From The Rose by H. B. Ellwanger, pp.215-216:] ...the Hybrid Noisette family...may be divided into two sections. The original variety, Madame RĂ©camier, was sent out by Lacharme in 1853. Nothing more is known of the origin...other than that one of the parents is supposed to have been a Noisette rose...The flowers are of medium size, and of circular, very beautiful form. Though devoid of fragrance, the flowers are freely produced from June throughout summer....In 1860, Lacharme sent out Madame Gustave Bonnet, the second division of Hybrid Noisette family. This variety, the originator claims, was produced from seed of Blanche Lafitte (Bourbon), fertilized by Sappho (Portland)....they have no fragrance...
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