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Mosaic Virus
[From 1983 Compendium of Rose Diseases. p26:] Causal Agent. Rose mosaic virus (RMV). The causal agent of rose mosaic, has been generally associated witb isolates of prunus necrotic ringspot virus (PNRSV).....there is no evidence for vector transmission of viruses in rose, although arabis mosaic virus is known to be transmitted by the free-living, soil inhabiting nematodes Xiphinema diversicaudatum and X, coxi. Virus transmission in rose appears to be limited to vegetative propagation when virus-infected buds, scions, or rootstocks are grafted to healthy plants. PNRSV is pollen-transmitted in fruit trees. Pollen transmission is suspected to occur in roses also, since spread in the field is slow.

[From 1995 Peter Schneider on Roses, by Peter Schneider, p. 29:] Mosaic virus produces a pale green or yellow oak-leaf pattern on mature rose foliage... mosaic virus is spread by using infected budding eyes or infected understocks in propagation...

[From 2002 A Rose Collection for a Healthy Future, p. 26-28:] rose mosaic [RM] disease is caused by virus(es) and can be detected by a number of techniques...

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