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[From Peonies, by Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall, p. 16:] Hybrids and cultivated varieties of both tree and herbaceous peonies have flowers ranging from single to very full double, but the wild species from which they are bred all have single flowers... two rather insignificant species are native to America. The rest are distributed through the northern hemisphere from Europe to China and Japan via Siberia, the Caucasus and northern India.

[From Peonies, by Allan Rogers, p. 3:] More than thirty species of peonies have been identified...

[From Botanica: The Illustrated A-Z..., p. 631:] There are 33 species in this genus... The genus name goes back to classical Greek and arose from the supposed medicinal properties of some species... The flowers are mostly in shades of pink or red, but there are also white and yellow-flowered species. The great majority of the species are herbaceous...

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