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Zi Ban Mudan
[From the Nature's Promise website:] Zi Ban Mudan, Paeonia rockii cultivars. These plants grow taller and larger than most other Mudan, Chinese Tree Peonies. They adapt better to extreme cold and drought and are more tolerant than any other type of tree peony. Zi Ban Mudan are rarely bothered by diseases or pests, and deer are repelled by their bitter taste. These plants have large colorful blooms with a strong fragrance. The flowers maintain the species coloring and tenacity, each having a dark flare on the base of each petal. Like a wild plant that grows in a harsh climate these plants are very durable, they do need good drainage however. All these plants grow tall up to 8 feet and have large flowers, 10 or more inches in diameter. Of course it takes many years to obtain a plant 6-8 feet tall with hundreds of blooms.
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