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Large-flowered clematis
[From An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis, p. 29:] Large-flowered clematis (cultivars) have lace or spaghetti-like roots and large flowers, are rarely scented, and can suffer from clematis wilt...

[From The Gardener's Guide to Growing Clematis, p. 7: Large-flowered cultivars] began to appear from the 1850s onward, either from Japanese gardens or from British and European breeders... [they provide] an even larger range of flower shape and colour [and] bloom at different times from the species and over a longer period...
The scent produced by some species, such as C. recta from Central Europe and C. flammula from Southern Europe, is outstanding. Sadly, this strength of scent has not been bred into the large-flowered cultivars as yet...

[Ibid, p. 9:] C. patens [has] given us many of the large-flowered clematis... [On Page 10, the author shares some of the credit for this with C. florida...]

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