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Rose Spring Dwarf
Rose Spring Dwarf (RSD) is a virus of roses isolated at the University of California, Davis in 2008. Preliminary research suggests that two species of aphids are fairly efficient in spreading RSD virus to roses from other plants under controlled condition. RSD virus was found in adjacent rows of roses, raising the possibility of transmission by root grafting as well. Normal vegetative propagation using cuttings or using grafting also transmits RSD virus.

Rosa multiflora 'Burr' is an indicator plant for RSD, in that most infected plants will show symptoms. Many other rose plants are symptomless carriers of the virus. Symptoms of RSD in roses are: new growth having a balled, bunched appearance at the time of bud break, yellowing between veins showing a netting appearance, and brittleness of leaves. Symptoms are less visible after shoots grow.
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