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Family: Rosaceae
Genus: Rosa

[From Gardening with Old Roses, p. 10: Roses are part of this botanical family] which includes brambles, raspberries, strawberries, crab apples, hawthorns, rowans, wild cherries, some of the geums and alchemillas, apricots, almonds, peaches, pears, and apples. Many of these plants have similar flowers or blossoms, with five petals each, and fruit just like the hips which follow the roses and are such a valuable source of Vitamin C.

[From Growing Old-Fashioned Roses, by Trevor Nottle, pp. 10-11:] Roses belong to a family of plants... called the Rosaceae... there are generally considered to be 125 different species, 95 from Asia, 18 from North America and the remaining 12 or so are chiefly natives of Europe...

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