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Shrub Roses
A class for all those roses which don't fit into any other class.
In his column, Roses Abroad, in the March 1999 issue of the American Rose magazine, p. 22, Sean McCann writes, "over 70 percent of all roses being sold in Europe just now fall into the shrub category."
[From Gardening with Roses, by Judith McKeon, p. 33:] Some of the distinct subclasses collected here include the lovely, fragrant hybrid musks, the tough hybrid rugosas, and the modern hybrids of species roses such as eglantine and Scotch... The amorphous shrub class includes diverse habits, sizes, and flower forms, including upright bushes; loose, mounding shrubs often trained as climbers, such as hardy Kordesii shrubs; the low-growing groundcover Meidiland series; patio roses; and English roses.
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