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[From The Graham Stuart Thomas Rose Book, by Graham Stuart Thomas, p. 149-50:] For continuous colour-giving coupled with a short growth, they have never been surpassed. Their undoing has been brought about by their small scentless flowers, in the same way that their parent 'Crimson Rambler' and its breed have lost popularity among climbers... The first two Poly-Poms were sister seedlings, the second generation from a hybrid between the Japanese Rosa multiflora and a pair of Chinese roses, as recorded by Dr. Hurst; they were 'Paquerette' and 'Mignonette', and appeared in 1873... these are stalwart bushes, reaching to 2 to 4 feet but with sprays of miniature blooms...

[Ibid, p. 319:] The first Poly-Pom, 'Paquerette', was exhibited at Lyon in 1873 and distributed in 1875.

[From Roses: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia and Grower's Handbook, by Peter Beales, p. 38:] The early Polypompons... were rather awkwardly grouped together for they were a mixed bag; distinct in having clusters of blooms in one inflorescence, but diverse and varied in size, shape of bloom and habit of growth.

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