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Mrs. Theodosia B. Shepherd Descriptive Catalog of Calif. Flowers
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Initial post 21 FEB 12 by Kim Rupert
From the 1898 catalog, these roses remain unidentified, requiring further research.

Eglantine Tea. Beautiful new white seedling rose.

Louise de la Reve. Tea. Blush shaded pink.

Premium de Charrissiens. Tea. Carmine-rose, perfectly exquisite.

Sweet Simplicity. Tea. Lovely pink, single rose.


This dainty rose, which I offer for the first time, is a most charming addition to the
Rambler roses. The individual flowers are single, about an inch across, and grow in large
cluster, forming perfect wreaths of flowers from the ground to the ends of the long branches;
the flowers are a lovely blush-pink and are exquisitely fragrant, filling the air for quite a
distance with their delightful perfume; they are followed by innumerable little berries that
turn a brilliant red, making the branches as attractive when in seed as when in flower; the
plant can be trained as a climber or grown singly as a specimen; the branches are beautifully
arching from the center outwards. The leaves are medium sized, somewhat resembling the
Yellow Rambler in color and style. Small plants 25 cts., larger 50 cts.
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