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Jackson & Perkins Co.
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most recent 12 JAN 22 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 11 JAN 22 by MADActuary
I received my JP 2022 Garden Guide (once known as a catalog) in the snail mail the other day. Surprised this still exists given the website but I guess not everybody is comfortable ordering online.

The reason for this comment is the Price Gouging being employed by JP. Perhaps they have limited supply and so prices have been revised upwards. Their two new Floribunda introductions, Over the Edge and Ay Caramba! are priced at $44.95 each. No quantity discount for 2 or 4 bushes is shown. A year ago I'm guessing these two would be priced at $29.95.

Most of the JP Hybrid Teas are now $34.95 with the older varieties typically at $29.95. Shipping charges run roughly 20% of your merchandise total, which is highway robbery for a lager sized order. I have noticed some, albeit smaller, price increases at other mail order retailers but for the most part not as severe as JP. Although I will mention that Heirloom's top price is now up to $50. Roses Unlimited increased only $2 from $22 to $24. Only modest increase were noted at Regan, Palatine and Edmunds'. I guess it's a sign of the times to increase prices.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 11 JAN 22 by jedmar
This is shockingly expensive! Just for comparison 'Double Delight' bare root costs $ 31.95 at J&P excl. sales tax, in Germany at e.g. Schmid (reputable seller) € 10,50 incl. 7% sales tax, i.e. $ 11.94. Same gap throughout: Climbing Iceberg $ 39.95 vs. $11.94. Cannot be explained by wages: Minimum wage in Germany is $ 11.16 per hour, in South Carolina $ 7.25. Germany should be more expensive than USA!
Reply #2 of 2 posted 12 JAN 22 by MADActuary
Update on Heirloom Roses: Top/Popular Floribundas are now listed at $55 each, such as Ebb Tide, Koko Loko and Plum Perfect. Other Floribundas are listed at $52 or $42. Hybrid Teas are priced at $50, $46 and $42. In fairness Heirloom, in my opinion, delivers a very good product which is well-packed for shipping and the plants arrive 1800 miles away in great shape. They do often have 20% off sales throughout the season but if you wait for those you run the risk that the rose you really want won't be available or is not a part of the sale. Like I said before perhaps stock is low and the pricing is representative of supply/demand forces.

But, when Roses Unlimited has the same rose for $24 that Heirloom has for $50 or even more, it's a no-brainer to go with Roses Unlimited (which also does a great job and delivers an excellent product).
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most recent 15 MAY 19 SHOW ALL
Initial post 30 MAR 13 by goncmg
Park Seed/Wayside/J&P are now one evidently.............haven't bought mail order from J&P since it was based out of Medford, OR but did just buy Signature and it arrived today. Was sad to see how little care was given this plant in shipping-------------nothing to keep its roots moist at all! Just rose in a bag............the plant looks "nice," it looks ok, but the roots were dry on arrival and this could be lethal..............not as much disappointed as simply saddened.............once upon a time Wayside was "higher end" in price but also in quality, Park was reliable and strong (I remember those gold foil seed packs!) and J&P roses were packed with care and always super strong, big..............
Reply #1 of 3 posted 31 MAR 13 by Kim Rupert
Unfortunately, that's what happens when a concern of long standing respectable customer service goes bankrupt and the "business" is bought out without the production end of it. I don't know from whom they receive what they ship, but as far as I know, their production land in Wasco was sold off separately from the "business". Yes, very sad, indeed! Customer service and quality plants, shipped with care were always their trademarks.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 10 MAY 19 by Matthew 0rwat
I took the plunge and ordered some exclusive introductions for them this year, and partook in their late season sales. So far I’ve been impressed. I am really enjoying their ownroot HT summer nights. Color is mutable and variable based on weather. Flowers are large and exude a slight myrrh scent. See my review above and my photos on the Summer Nights listing.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 15 MAY 19 by goncmg
Great to see this update!
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most recent 10 MAY 19 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 10 MAY 19 by Matthew 0rwat
This year I ordered a few bareroot roses from J&P in March, and more during their $10 and $8 rose sales. So far the plants arrived In great shape with excellent root systems. I soak my plants’ roots three days before planting and start all bareroot plants in 5 gallon terra cotta pots. Every Rose has been true to type and survived, although one had rose mosaic. They carry some exclusive introductions, which have proved interesting and garden worthy. I really think they have turned the corner and are offering quality product again. Additionally their bareroot, ownroot product is a bargain and has an edge on Edmunds regarded size and root system . Plus, their end of season sales can’t be beat if you’re willing to baby a bareroot plant in warmer weather. My May order arrived in Florida with zero cane death and all plants are leafing out well.
Discussion id : 98-330
most recent 2 APR 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 APR 17 by Pitchford Gardens
I consider Jackson and Perkins to be knowledgeable, with high quality products.
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