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Hortico Inc.
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most recent 8 MAY 21 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 5 MAY 21 by Brooke Heppinstall
Hortico is no longer in the rose business. They are native plant wholesale only.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 5 MAY 21 by John Vanderkruk
not sure where you are getting this information. Have you called Hortico direct to determine this conclusion?

This morning we shipped over 300 roses yesterday of 1000 and have been shipping roses all Spring. We have a nice crop in the field and a gorgeous potted crop that we will sell all summer long until the fall crop is harvested from our field.

Please call us if you need help to navigate our new website.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 7 MAY 21 by Brooke Heppinstall
I've gone to the site several times and see nothing like the old Hortico offerings. There seems to be an
'error' blocking you in my browser. The only site that came up was natives...But, I've adjusted the browser, so, we're in. So glad you're NOT out of the rose business!!
Reply #3 of 3 posted 8 MAY 21 by Kathy Strong
I would love to order. But the shipping costs to the U.S. are putting us all off. Anything you can do about that?
Discussion id : 92-743
most recent 16 JUL 17 SHOW ALL
Initial post 15 MAY 16 by Sambolingo
The HMF "plants for sale" list is quite long, but the plants listed on the Hortico website are a minute portion of the HMF list. Does anyone have information about this?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 20 DEC 16 by 1
Hortico changes its catalog broadly every year. Hortico itself should update HMF, imo.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 16 JUL 17 by Sambolingo
I asked Hortico about this, and they say that the rose list now on their website is their entire catalog, now 125 varieties. I suppose that the 3000+ rose collection was sold off or discarded. They would be a source for quite a few of some harder-to-find cultivars if they still sold them.
Discussion id : 73-206
most recent 26 JUL 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 JUL 13 by goncmg
Have dealt with Hortico off/on since the late 80's and have had generally very good experiences. A few years ago there were some mislabels, and also a non-start. But in all honesty, I have experienced such with all growers and this does not anger me. Hortico buds, I believe, on Canina and the plants have long, fiberous roots and much smaller tops and bud unions than plants sold in the US--first time seen, this does appear startling. However, and despite the non-start experience, the Hortico plants once growing really bust out, get big fast, generally provide far more basals than US plants. I have also fall planted with Hortico (I live in Ohio) and the results really great. None lost, all started, all grew well for years. For anyone living in the north (6 or lower?) I would STRONGLY encourage you to give fall planting a try. It really does jump start the "first year" plants.........
Reply #1 of 1 posted 26 JUL 13 by HMF Admin
Thank you for sharing your experience.
Discussion id : 72-542
most recent 24 JUN 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 JUN 13 by Dianne's Southwest Idaho Rose Garden
Despite my promise to myself that I'd never order from Hortico again, I bought about 15 roses last fall for fall planting. 100% survived the winter, and all seem to be the correct rose, so I purchased another 30 or so roses for spring planting this year. Again, all the roses are doing well and seem to be the rose I ordered. Customer service was responsive and helpful. Perhaps changes have been made in their methods?
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