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Ludwig's Roses
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most recent 20 DEC 10 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 20 DEC 10 by Unregistered Guest
I recently (Nov '10) bought two "Cremè Caramel" plants ,one to cover a 2.5m arch and one to cover a 1.4m fence, in my garden.
These are the first climbing roses that I have had and I'm not sure how to train them and how to prune and care for them.Please would you advise me on what is required for this specific climber.
The one plant is growing rapidly - flowering and making new shoots.
The other plant is not doing to well . The leaves are turning brown and falling off and parts of the stem has brown patches - it has a few flowers and a lot of new shoots but some shrivel up.
Both plants have full sun most of the day and are given the same amount of water and preventitive spraying (every two weeks).
I was also wondering if "Cremè caramel" could be grown together with a clematis plant namely "Nelly Moser" to cover a fence ?
Thanks for your wonderful roses - I have several hybrid teas and floribunda's that I have purchased from you through the years .
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most recent 3 MAR 10 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 MAR 10 by Unregistered Guest
Hi ludwig, I dont know if i am at the right place. My brother was a teacher at Pretoria boys high when they had their 100th anniversary, and they had a rose bred and named after the school. Can you do something like that? I am involved with Paul Roos Gimnasium in Stellenbosch, as my son is at school there, and they have their 150th anniversary in 4 years time. They asked me to look into the possibility that we can have a rose bred and named for this occasion. Would you be able to do this, and if so, what would be the cost and the timeframe needed? And also, how does the colour selection work? Please contact me asap on this, I need to get back to the headmaster about it.
Thanking you
Lientjie Bredenkamp
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 MAR 10 by Unregistered Guest
Hi Lientjie

Thank you for your enquiry

Please find herewith the information as requested.

Ludwig’s Rose Farm is the largest rose farm in Southern Africa and has pioneered rose growing in South Africa since 1971. We are agents for more than 25 foreign breeders and have over 1000 rose varieties show-cased in our gardens and listed in our catalogue. We send out over 40 000 catalogues annually to gardeners all over South Africa.

In the past, we have been commissioned to name roses in honour of personalities, places, schools and special occasions: Madiba, Andrea Stelzer, Harry Oppenheimer, Hestrie Els, Albertina Sisulu, Dikgane Moseneki, JSE Rose, Clive Beck, Technikon Pretoria, The Ridge School, Pretoria Boys High, The Prince Imperial, Die Bloemhoffer, Vodacom, University of Pretoria Centenary, and Peggy Gordon, Archbishop Tutu – to name but a few.

Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to release novel rose varieties that are suited for the South African climate. A natural disease resistance, various growth patterns, interesting flower shapes, firm, heat resistant petals, exciting novel colours and fragrance are our selection criteria .
By having a few guidelines on the preferred type and colour of the rose, we have been able to give each of our clients a unique rose, specially suited to meet their specific needs. We can do this for you.

The naming of a rose variety after a person or organisation will be R 50 000 + vat.
This will cover all costs with regard to the registration of the rose at the Department of Agriculture of SA and the International Registration Authority in the USA and the issue of a certificate. The rose will be included in our annual catalogue and other promotional activities on the farm and on our web site. Plants will be available countrywide through our own outlets as also other garden centres.

The bulk purchase of plants of such a chosen rose variety by the person or organisation, which will be supplied at the current wholesale price, which is presently @ R41.00 excl. VAT and delivery will reduce the registration cost i.e. 500 plants by R 5000.00 and 1000 plants by R 1 0000.

A second option to have a rose variety named after a person is to select a rose from a range of varieties for which we will issue a certificate without the obligation of registering such variety nor publicise it.
We expect a registration fee of R 12 000.00 plus VAT the purchase of 50 plants at our wholesale price or
R 8 000.00 plus VAT and the purchase of 500 plants or
R 3 000.00 plus VAT and the purchase of 1000 plants.

Once we have an idea of what colour and type of rose you would want we begin with preliminary selections of suitable varieties. Once these selections have been made we request a meeting with you so that you may make a final choice from such pre-selected varieties. The selection of the rose should be finalised at least 6 months prior to the date of release to enable us to produce any necessary quantity of plants that you would require.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.

Rose greetings

Marie Favard
Ludwig’s Roses Winelands
021 8844552
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most recent 25 JUN 07 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 25 JUN 07 by Gillybean
My Granny roses` leaves are yellow please help I need to save them
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