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'Corallina' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 18 SEP 11 by John Hook
The L'Hay Clone is different to the TDO clone, I think the L'Hay clone is correct being less double
Reply #1 of 9 posted 6 NOV 16 by scvirginia
Are the clones different in ways other than fullness of the flower?

Reply #2 of 9 posted 6 NOV 16 by John Hook
Sorry, I havn't updated. The TDO clone has turned out to be 'Archiduc Joseph'
Reply #3 of 9 posted 7 NOV 16 by scvirginia
Thanks. I was wondering if 'Corallina' could be the original name of "Florence Bowers' Pink Tea", but it's hard to tell from the few online photos of 'Corallina', which isn't available in the U.S.

Thanks again,
Reply #4 of 9 posted 8 NOV 16 by John Hook
Happily I have both and can confirm that they are distinctly different, in fact FB doesn't look similar to anything else I have.
Reply #5 of 9 posted 8 NOV 16 by scvirginia
Thanks for the info.

Do you grow or know the Nabonnand rose, 'Wasily Chludoff'? The HMF photos of 'WC' don't look very much like "FBPT", but photos at the Nabonnand Society's web site look more similar.

Photos aren't much to go on, but 'WC' is another rose not available Stateside. I don't have "FBPT" yet, but I think I may obtain one sometime soon.

Reply #6 of 9 posted 9 NOV 16 by John Hook
We have Wassily Chludoff and again no similarity. I didn't know it was available in the states as it is one of the roses we have in quarantine in California.
Reply #8 of 9 posted 9 NOV 16 by scvirginia
I don't have any further thoughts on ID, other than to suppose that "FBPT" could very well be an unnamed seedling, or an unrecognized sport of a named rose.

Since you've had a chance to grow "FBPT", do you have any thoughts about ancestry? By which I mean, do you think it's "pure Tea" (whatever that means), a Tea-Noisette type, or some other sort of hybrid? It seems to be exceptionally vigorous; it would be interesting to know how hardy it is. I believe that the area where it was discovered is zone 8a.

And I was unclear, I guess- 'Wasily Chludoff' is not available here. I'm glad to hear it might become so; it looks like a good rose.

Thanks again,
Reply #7 of 9 posted 9 NOV 16 by Patricia Routley
Virginia, it might be easier for you if you concentrate on the distinctive traits of the glandular bristly hairs on pedicel, receptacle, sepals and hips of
"Florence Bowers' Pink Tea".
Reply #9 of 9 posted 9 NOV 16 by scvirginia
Thanks, Patricia. I know that "FBPT" is unusually glandular, but have nothing much to compare it to, so that really doesn't make it easier. Hearing that it is unusually fragrant from someone who can't always smell Teas doesn't help much either.

I was curious about 'Corallina' since in an early reference (from The Garden, I think) someone stated that it was the strongest-growing Tea of his acquaintance.

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Initial post 6 NOV 14 by CybeRose
The Rose Annual (1910) pp. 46-56
Hybridisation of Roses
Remember it is not always from Show Roses that one obtains seedling Show Roses. Far from it. I have raised from K. A. Victoria quite worthless seedlings, whilst from the almost single-flowered Corallina I have raised a flower so double that it would not expand.
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Initial post 22 NOV 09 by MelissaPej
Hello. The zone range given for the Tea rose 'Corallina' looks incorrect: could you take a look? Thanks.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 22 NOV 09 by jedmar
Definitely, this is a tender Tea. Thank you!
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