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'Old Pink Monthly' rose References
Book  (2015)  Page(s) 178, 180(photo).  Includes photo(s).
[From Roses in Laos and China", by Prof. Yoshihiro Ueda, pp. 173-180]
Around the Xien Khuang are, we observed not only the same shrubs with small red flowers seen in Bolovens Plateau, but also 'Old Blush'.
Booklet  (2009)  Page(s) 35.  
Perhaps the most easily noted detail revealed about the China Roses by the similarity matrix though, was how many accessions had identical SSR profiles. The "C25 grp" on the dendrogram represents the China Rose cultivar Old Blush, with the group's oldest recorded date of introduction into Europe of around 1752 (Cairns (ed.), 2000), and the eight synonyms or sports found in this study: 'Climbing Old Blush', 'Green Rose', 'Single Pink', 'Rouletii' [all ex Antique Rose Emporium], 'Pompon de Paris' [ex Ralph Moore], 'Bengale d'Automne' [ex Vintage Gardens], 'Archduke Charles' [ex ARE], and an R. chinensis var. semperflorens [ex Flower Research Inst., Yunnan]. This large group of synonyms and sports still actively propagated and sold in the trade demonstrates how important 'Old Blush' continues to be, long after being used as a parent of importance in the breeding of modern roses.
Booklet  (2009)  Page(s) 28.  
Diploid....Old Blush, heterozygous loci 74% [Provenance: Antique Rose Emporium]
Article (magazine)  (2007)  Page(s) 404.  
Table 1. Comparison of key volatile components in representative cultivated Chinese roses and species. [adsorption volume by Solid Phase Microextraction (peak area, x10')]
TMB: 1,3,5-trimehoxybenzene

'Old Blush'
Dihydro-beta-ionone 1.12
TMB 23.5
Article (magazine)  (2006)  Page(s) 68.  
...identical phenotypes were found within OGR cultivars for R. xcentifolia L. 'Rubra' and 'Crested Moss' for 'Kazanlik', 'Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseux' and 'York and Lancaster', and for 'Old Blush' and 'Viridiflora'.
Article (misc)  (2003)  
Old Blush China: diploid
Article (magazine)  (2002)  Page(s) 409.  
Old Blush   Chromosome number 14  [Provenance: Guillot]
Book  (Dec 2000)  Page(s) 82.  
Parsons' Pink China
China [country] [with Parsons] 1793
Article (website)  (21 Jan 2000)  Page(s) 1.  
The Occident's first China... It had arrived in France, via England, by 1798... [Dickerson explains the difficulty in pinning down names and dates for the older roses and explains:] Rosarians call 'Parsons' Pink China' the "first China," even while assigning an earlier date for the "second China" 'Slater's Crimson China'...
Book  (Nov 1998)  Page(s) 37-39.  Includes photo(s).
Old Blush
... thought to be the prettiest [of the four China stud roses]... Plants of 'Old Blush' are vigorous and produce clusters of dainty, informal pink blossoms that deepen in color as they age...
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