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Kim Rupert
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Initial post 5 DEC 11 by Pamela Temple
I just wanted to say that I spent a long time looking at your plant list which I found very interesting. I really appreciate your growing on these seedlings and rarities. So few are. I'm one of the small group that considers this important. Thanks Kim
Reply #1 of 3 posted 5 DEC 11 by Kim Rupert
Thank you Pamela. Much appreciated. Unfortunately, they're growing and requiring more room than I have to dedicate to them. They're all things I'd love to see continued on in other gardens, particularly as I've run out of room for them in mine. So, should you have room and wish to try any of them, PLEASE feel free to ask. I'll be very happy to send cuttings or try rooting them here over winter, for postage. Sound interesting?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 5 DEC 11 by Pamela Temple
Thanks for offering Kim. I could take a few. Especially rambler types. I think I would let you chose what you thought was most important, perhaps no more than 10 roses to start. I am beginning to get overwhelmed here. It's a shame I'm not getting younger. Cuttings would be easier for you. I'll send postage.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 5 DEC 11 by Kim Rupert
Wonderful! Thank you. There are several ramblers and quite a few of the CPDLFED seedlings are larger shrubs which can be grown as climbers. We should contact each other directly to facilitate it. I'll send one through the system here for you to respond so we have each other's emails without posting them publicly. Thank you!
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