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Chris's Project
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Initial post 29 MAR 14 by Matthew 0rwat
Hello, If you ever have extra cuttings of Opera HT, I'd be happy to trade with you. I recently lost my plant but the rose was enthralling.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 30 MAR 14 by goncmg
I'm pretty sure what was sold to me as OPERA isn't OPERA.............sadly x 2............what I have is something that is likley 1950'ish but is cerise-hot pink with gold or yellow shadings ONLY IF YOU WANT TO SEE THAT, lol..............OPERA, Gaujard, 1949, is pretty much red with a pretty much gold-yellow reverse shot through with red..............and also OPERA should have/does have (if it exists still?) dark, glossy leaves whereas what I am growing has medium green, matte leaves......mine is from Vintage and this is by NO MEANS a dis on VINTAGE (now closed) just isn't OPERA............I'll send you my whole PLANT if you want! I have little space and am closing my project years more into idea WHO or WHAT it is, but I am pretty certain it isn't the real OPERA..............???? In MY guess? The REAL Opera is gone. If you check my comments, I said that Cliff Orent's pic WHICH LOOKS LIKE WHAT I HAVE, was wrong...............he objected but in reality, he was growing what I have...
Reply #2 of 2 posted 5 APR 14 by Matthew 0rwat
Well, I got mine from Vintage as well so I assume it is the same thing. Would love the plant. Want me to root anything for you or pay for shipping?
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Initial post 29 APR 13 by goncmg
Finally, most of us are experiencing true spring and all the roses are in active growth. Mine which are 90% in pots are out, have been out, some new mail order additions all here (some maidens, some budded, many bands). What amazes me is how seemingly unpredictable the prior season's health and vigor CAN be. WW2 Memorial Rose, 2 years ago, late purchse and weak. Came out of the gate LAST spring insanely strong, gave it my personal "best first bloom" award (usually goes to Royal Highness who afterwards becomes a throw-away). THIS year? Reversal of fortune: inexplicable die-back, looks like it may not even make it. 2 years ago had a weak seedling I accidentally left outside and it froze solid like a popsicle in its pot. Result: ragingly strong growth last spring (this is a Hybrid Tea!). Grey Pearl, not surprisingly, just gave up over the winter in the sheltered, always in the 30's insulated garage but SO DID LAS VEGAS AND FANDANGO! Snowbird winter killed in the ground despite it not being extremely cold here this winter as per low temps, yet Sunny South stayed green and viable to the very tippy tips. Everyone gets treated the same. This is why I over-buy! Always and without fail more than a few will just give up or give out through what I think is coddled dormancy. And another handful will for equally no apparent reasons just excel. This is what makes it fun and also frustrating. Does anyone else expereince these swings in fortune??
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