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Initial post 7 JUN 15 by dxk0021
You have a Louis Lens "Twins" rose listed on Help Me Find -- we used to have one of these and have never been able to find one again -- If possible, would love to arrange to get a cutting from you if you have a healthy plant.

Please let me know -- we live in Houston and can make all the arrangements (pay for the trouble, shipping & handling, etc.) -- thanks!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 7 JUN 15 by fyrnrain
I purchased Twins from Hortico last year, however, the growth and foliage looked nothing like the plant. I previously grew the Twins in California from a plant directly imported from Louis Lens in Belgium. What bloomed this year is a white Wichurana - probably rootstock. I have gotten so many such errors that I would not attempt a reorder from this source. If I am able to locate it in the future I will let you know through HMF. Wish i could help you. It is such a lovely rose. If you should find it first, I would make the same request of you!
Reply #2 of 2 posted 11 JUN 15 by dxk0021
Thank you -- I'll let you know if we find anything
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