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RHS - Rose of The Year (Great Britain)
Plant Types:Roses 
Description:[From World Rose News, September 2020, p. 8:] The United Kingdom has its own version with ‘Rose of the Year’ (ROTY). This dates from 1982. These trials are organized by The British Association of Rose Breeders (BARB), founded in 1973 with the aim to encourage, improve and extend the introduction and growing of new rose varieties. Breeders who are members of the BARB are invited to send in their best rose. Other breeders, who have a representative as a member of BARB, and have a good rose are allowed to send in as well. For the rose of their choice they must think 6 years ahead. The total of rose varieties sent in varies between 15 and 25 each year. They are planted all over the country and in NorthernIreland, and judged for a period of 2 years by independent amateurs and professionals. After 2 years one rose, the best, is selected. When the rose is subsequently sold all the breeders involved in the selection share in the profit. This ensures that the best rose will be chosen. The selected rose will become ‘Rose of the Year’, but only after four years. This allows the winning breeder to get enough starter budwood ready for the rose growers in the UK. These rose growers must take care to have the requested quantities ready at the moment of release. The ‘Rose of the Year’ will be made public at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival. And at that moment a large number of rose plants are ready for sale, necessary, as for ‘Rose of the Year’ a complete publicity campaign is organized all over the country and by various media (including social media) 
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