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A Heritage of Roses
(1988)  Page(s) 51.  
Adam Tea, 1825... the first-recognized Tea Rose... tender... 8 feet
(1988)  Page(s) 46.  
Aimée Vibert ... named for Vibert's daughter
(1988)  Page(s) 10.  
R. x alba 'Maxima' gained the name 'The Jacobite Rose' from the legend that it had been placed in the bonnet of Bonnie Prince Charlie by Flora Macdonald and was thus cherished by his followers.
(1988)  Page(s) 10.  
R. x alba 'Semi-plena' semi-double with golden stamens... taken by Edward IV (1461-70) as his personal badge and thus became the White Rose of York.
(1988)  Page(s) 88.  Includes photo(s).
Black and white
(1988)  Page(s) 140.  
Anna Pavlova a highly scented soft pink which in 1986 won a silver medal at the Genoa Rose Trials in Italy...
(1988)  Page(s) 12.  
R. damascena semperflorens Virgil wrote of roses flowering twice yearly and undoubtedly these would have been the ancient R. damascena semperflorens, blieved to have been grown in Pompeii.
(1988)  Page(s) 22.  
Baltimore Belle A Prairie Rose. Description... a very pale blush, almost white...
(1988)  Page(s) 14.  
Black Belgic probably a dark Gallica... grown by Gilbert White of Selborne at The Wakes. See Source for more information.
(1988)  Page(s) 34.  
Mentioned in the book Variety of Roses [which] was probably published during the time of Emperor Jia Qing (1796-1820): "with the development of the fertile Yang Zhou area in Yangtse River Valley... roses evolved through hybridization... this book describes ten considered most rare and precious among the thousands available at the time." [The ten roses mentioned are 'Lan Tian Bi', 'Jin Ou Fan Lu', 'Kuo Guo Dan Zhuang', 'Yu Shi Zhuang', 'Chi Long Han Zhu', 'Liu Zhao Jin Fen', 'Shui Yue Zhuang', 'Xiao Feng Chan Yue', 'Bolumi', and 'Chun Shui Lu Bo'.] Bolumi... light yellow... resembles the flesh of a fruit called 'Bolu'...
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